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Eyewear + Sunwear

About Our Collections

Spectacle prides itself on the relentless research and devotion of providing the best in eyewear, sunwear, and vision care.

We travel the globe searching to expose our clients to relevant brands that share a passion for eyewear.  We carefully curate a collection of uniquely designed and finely crafted products from designers that specialize in eyewear. We also pride ourselves on being a platform for launching new collections and introducing new and emerging designers into Canada. This relentless process yields a selection of fashion forward, leading edge, quality products, that is as diverse as the clientèle which we serve.


A great deal of research is done before a collection is selected to be represented at Spectacle, with the emphasis placed on frame fit, construction, and materials. We measure the characteristics of each line by the fashion sense, ingenuity and originality of the designers.  We expect creativity in the use of materials, practicality with wear ability, and longevity in the construction of the finished product. We seek out collections which encourage conversation, push boundaries, and are designed with the wearer in mind.

We regularly meet with frame designers and manufacturers to ensure our clients receive eyewear of the highest quality. All of our frames are hand-picked to ensure you will see a unique collection of fashion-forward models. We want our clients to be recognized as the first to represent emerging trends

Our selections come in a variety of styles and materials ranging from classic metals, vintage acetates to precious materials, as well as limited production collaborations. Drop by any of our locations and allow our experienced staff to guide you in selecting eyewear and sunwear to fit your visual needs, lifestyle, and personality.  Come and see what it's all about!