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Taking Care of Your Purchase

Please keep your lenses clean by washing them in warm soapy water or with the supplied lens cleaner. Rinse well and dry with a soft lint-free cotton towel or special eyeglass cleaning cloth. Do not use cloths washed with fabric softener and never use ammonia or acetone based products.

Don't wipe your dry lenses with tissue paper or paper towel (paper fibre products will scratch lenses). Always use the proper micro-fibre cloth and cleaner to remove any dust and smudges off of the frame and lenses. Make sure to wash the cloth regularly.

When not wearing your eyeglasses, keep them in their protective case. Never rest them face down on their lenses. Always remember to use both hands to take off and put on your glasses. Grab the temples midway on each side and slide them over your ears. This will help keep their adjustment longer.

However, over time, your frames will need adjusting. While many people like to think they can adjust their frames by themselves, it is recommended to have an eye care professional adjust your eyeglasses to ensure the proper fit and comfort. As part of our promise to you for as long as you own your glasses, you may drop by any Spectacle location for cleaning, free minor repairs and adjustments.