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Contact Lens Care Instructions

Contact lens cleaning and care regimes vary depending on the type of lens you choose. There are many different options for cleaning and disinfecting your contacts.  For instance some types, such as daily disposables, require little to no lens care - they are simply thrown away after each use.  Whatever your needs may be, our Opticians will recommend a cleaning regime suited to you and your contact lens requirements!

Reduce the Risk for Infection

Cleaning and safe handling of contact lenses are some of the most important measures contact lens wearers can take to protect their sight. The following are a few tips you can follow while cleaning and wearing your contact lenses to help avoid any adverse events:

  • Always wash and dry your hands before touching contact lenses
  • Carefully and regularly clean your contact lenses
  • Never use water direct from the tap to rinse your lenses or your lens case
  • Use fresh solution each time you place your lenses in a lens storage case. Do not "top off" ("topping off“ is adding a little more solution to the solution that is already in the case)
  • Rinse your lens case with solutions recommended by your eye care professional and according to the manufacturers' guidelines
  • A new lens case should be used with each new bottle of solution
  • Ask your eye care professional for specific advice regarding swimming with lenses
  • Use only solutions recommended by your eye care professional
  • Replace your contact lenses as recommended by your eye care professional as well as the manufacturer of the lens

If you experience any problems with your contact lenses, consult us right away. Discomfort or irritation can be an early sign of a more serious complication. 

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