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Spectacle Q&A

What is unique about Spectacle?

A visit to Spectacle is an enjoyable, refreshing experience. The stores offer a warm, stylish atmosphere that houses glowing displays of exclusive designer frames, boutique collections, and vintage styles. Our highly trained, friendly, and knowledgeable staff are always available for consultation.

Through an assessment of client needs, we take a careful approach to bring out inner character through frame selection.  With our own quality control facility, our clients are able to truly witness the Spectacle experience from beginning to end. Having our own quality control lab means that we have the ability to custom fit lenses and (unlike other retailers or clinics) your frames will never leave our premises, ensuring that only the best and highly trained individuals handle your eyewear and sunwear needs.

Why should people invest in eyewear?

Eyewear is the most important accessory in anyone's wardrobe. It's the first thing people see on your face. How is it possible for someone to own more than one pair of shoes and only own one pair of glasses? Or watches? People own two or three watches and still wear the same pair of glasses on every occasion.

People seem to forget that glasses are not only a fashion accessory, but are also a medical necessity. How better to incorporate style and function than to buy a pair of prescription glasses? Glasses do a variety of things - they highlight and contour facial features, while also revealing one's character. Glasses say a lot about who you are. A fashionable pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can pull your whole outfit together. They can transform someone’s image providing a unique depth, attitude, and style.

Why should people shop at Spectacle?

  • Our Products

    Spectacle houses uniquely-designed, finely hand-crafted products, from designers that specialize in eyewear. We carry frames based on their originality, outstanding quality and exceptional craftsmanship. We regularly meet with frame designers and manufacturers to ensure our clients are receiving frames of the highest quality. All of our frames are handpicked to ensure you will see a rare collection of fashion-forward models. Our frames come in a variety of styles and materials ranging from classic to funky, plastic to precious metals, as well as limited production boutique frames. Our experienced staff will help guide you through a vast selection, helping to select a pair to fit your visual needs, lifestyle, and personality.

  • Our Client Care & Services

    Spectacle stands alone in its unparalleled devotion to client education, assistance, and care. We take great strides to ensure your happiness during every step of your new eyewear purchase. Our qualified personnel take the time to fit you with a frame that perfectly meets your personality and optical requirements.

    Spectacle's knowledgeable staff provides one-on-one frame and lens consultation for all of its clients. In addition, it focuses on specialty eyewear including sports, sunglasses, progressive, and computer glasses. The store also offers tune-ups that include: tightening screws, adjustments, nose pad repairs, cleaning, inspecting lenses, and repairs on all types of eyewear. Spectacle also caters to clients that live inside and outside of Canada by providing national and international shipping. For those less enthusiastic about glasses, Spectacle provides contacts and contact lens fittings.

    Also, due to our quality control facilities, we are able to provide specialized lab services. If you need your current frame refurbished, broken frames repaired, nose pads added, or special rebuilding of certain frames, we have the lab for you. We can even apply a custom finish to your glasses (not available on all products).

    We also offer eye exams. Contact any of our Spectacle locations about eye exams with our affiliated Optometrists. Remember check yearly, see clearly!

  • Our Quality Control Production Facility

    Spectacle’s on-site lab facility was created to exceed your expectations for service and performance. The lab, located at Spectacle’s Queen St. West location, is equipped with the latest technology to ensure the quality of all the eyewear we dispense.  Our lab’s state of the art quality control equipment guarantees that each pair of glasses we dispense not only meets, but exceeds the industry requirements. With over 20 years of industry experience, our veteran lab technician respects the beauty of eyewear and is passionate about results. Spectacle’s lab is located at our downtown Queen West location. This large central location allows us to complete a greater quantity of orders and provide extremely fast, quality service.

    "In order to deliver the results that I am satisfied with, we needed to control the process from start to finish. Having our own lab means that we have the control to custom fit lenses for our clients and unlike other optical stores your frames will never leave our premises. This ensures that only the best and highly trained individuals handle your eyewear and sunwear needs.

    "Everybody's eyes are different, and being a small, independent business means we have the ability to provide our clients with a multitude of different products from a variety of manufacturers. This allows us to combine the best lenses for vision correction with the coatings and treatments that are right for our clients. We treat our clientele with a personalized service and we provide lenses that are also personalized for their needs."

    Jag Dhillon, RO
    Director & Founder 

  • Our Charity Work and Spectacle’s Recycle Program

Being an active member of society, Spectacle prides itself on giving back through our year-round recycle program. Drop off your used or unused eyewear at any of our locations and your donation will go towards providing free vision care and eyewear to underprivileged individuals. Spectacle also prides itself on giving back to schools. In order to increase teaching aids we donate to local schools and participate with a variety of charity fundraisers year-round.