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MOSCOT is a New York City Institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear. Known for some very popular models, Gelt, Miltzen, Frankie, Arthur and Nebb frames, all of these are made from high-quality acetate and real hinges. These glasses cannot help being cool - an emotional connection to an emigrant's history is bred in the frames.

Hyman Moscot in early 1900s NYC portrait of an emigrantMOSCOT's optical roots were first planted in America by their Great Grandfather and family patriarch, Hyman Moscot, The man is among NYC's most celebrated emigrants; he arrived from Eastern Europe via Ellis Island in 1899. Hyman began selling ready-made eyeglasses from a pushcart on Orchard Street on Manhattan’s famed Lower East Side. By 1915, Hyman had amassed a following of loyal customers and in that year he opened the family's retail shop, MOSCOT's at 94 Rivington St.
Here's Hyman Moscot in a portrait dated March 5th,1942. This is the cultural reserve and legacy the firm's designers leverage today.


MOSCOT Originals and MOSCOT Spirit Collections are iconic, infused with history, and available in store and online. See below.

famous NewYorkers wearing MOSCOT over the years

Famous New Yorkers wearing MOSCOT include Woody Allen, John Lennon, Henry Kissenger, Buddy Holly and Truman Capote.

MOSCOT infuses its unmistakably refined, downtown aesthetic with nearly one hundred years of design expertise and unparalleled craftsmanship to create truly timeless eyewear. While now recognized as a global fashion brand, MOSCOT remains, at heart, a neighborhood optical shop.